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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Ilr Application Successful At Liverpool -Peo ILR-0014

Hi everyone,

Thanks for all the support and advice that helped steer my success of my ILR application. i finally received it on the same day after paying a hefty fee of £1200.00

i went in at reliance house on water street and the ladies gave me a number for my appointment then proceeded to the waiting lounge where everyone else was waiting for their numbers to be called on the public speaker and then mine was called and i proceeded to the reception where the lady asked me for life in the u.k test pass notification, 2 passports me and my wifes, set M application form and she just informed me that just incase i had inadequate evidences or letters that my application might take a few days 3 to 4 working days and i stated to her that i have enough documents which she said fine. she then noted some information on some check list and stted to me to proceed to the cashier where i made the payment in Cash and was issued with a receipt(yellow receipt)

i then waited for my number to be called by the immigration officers or the entry clearance officers and after 5 minutes my number was called on the speaker and me and my wife proceeded to the interview section where there is window between interviewer and interviewee. the ECO or Immigration officer was quiet helpful and she asked me for any joint letters or joint bank statements or any joint documents that we had to which we gave her. she then asked for both 2 passports and life in the u.k pass notification which we gave her, since me ane my wife claims child tax ctedit and working tax credit together she stated that it was fine and for the purposes of immigration rules its not considered as recourse to public funds. she didn't ask us for the paylips or anything like that as we had them too.

she then did some criminal background checks for me and my wife using our passports and she reconfirmed about the child tax credit and working tax credit with her colleague who stated to her that it was fine so long as my wife is the prinicpal claimant which she is and then she proceeded to inform me that she is glad to offer me an indefinate leave to remain in the united kingdom as a spouse of a british citizen and that my sticker vignette will take 1 hour to be processed and i should come for my passport after 1 hour and returned my wifes passport.

i then went away for a cup of coffee and returned after 1 hour and my number was called on the speaker and i was given my passport back with the residence permit sticker and i was asked to check if everythings ok spellings and all that and i was also issued with a letter from the immigration officer who processed my application and thats the whole processes from start to finish.

please feel free to ask me any queries if you may have, otherwise i am glad with the level of customer service provided at the Peo liverpool and i would recommend that one applies through a PEO office as i find the postage waiting times and processing times can be too lengthy for postal applications and it causes so much emotional stresses.
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Granted Ilr At Birmingham Peo ILR-0014

I am just back from Birmingham where my husband and I spent the night, before my morning PEO appointment. I am not going to go into detail for now--as I am tired fromt he drive and all of the excitement--plus my husband and I are going out to celebrate soon! Bit if anyone has any questions, I will try to respond later on...

So...Everyone was VERY nice at this branch of The Home Office; we had a caseworker who was quite reassuring and congenial. I always get a bit nervous when they bring up my previous refusal into the U.K. some two and a half years ago now--but even he seemed to think it 'strange' and, unwarranted'. He then said of the refusal incident--upon hearing how my husband came to the U.S. so we could apply for my fiancee together,"Well, none of that stopped you, did it?" and smiled. He also told me that I got 24 out of 24 on the, "Life in the U.K. Test" and said, "You are top of the tops!" and smiled again. He then joked about how most born-British citizens do not know the answers to the exam and asked my (British) husband how he scored on practice tests (which had been poorly ). Overall, we had to wait a good hour to an hour and fifteen minutes to be seen for the interview/application process. I was told my application was good and that some routine checks needed to be done. We were then told to come back in another two hours for the, "ILR" vignette as long as all was well and good. Solihull green is a nice area and my husband and I were wondering around the shops and were just about to head back to the PEO when they called telling us that my passport was ready and where were we? Heh--we were inj "John Lewis" as I was oogling the kitchen applicances (I love to cook!)! When we got there--all was ready and waiting for us. They returned some documents they had retained--back to us. I was shown my "ILR" vignette and asked to verify that the information on it was correct, which it was. I was also given some notes as to the conditions of, "ILR". I thought I would get some info on later applying for British Citizenship as well--since I thought that others here had said that they had received these--but nopes...Guess I will think about that later in another year or so.

I want to thank "MISS. B." and everyone else for their well-wishings and help! I would not have known to bring a veritable 'ton' of documents had I not checked in with this forum. I do not doubt that my husband and I would have brought twice the recommended amount (6)--but they actually wanted even more in the end! I do not know why that 6-document rule (for Set (M))has been imposed when it just does not seem to fit the ultimate criteria of what the caseworkers prefer to see!?! All our joint documents were looked over (21 in total) and all of my 19 official letters were also observed, though none of my husband's single name letters were--save for his bank statements to verify that our funds are sufficient enough to maintain ourselves 'without recourse to public funds'.

The office was quite small, in a very nice location on the outskirts of Birmingham proper and all of the employees we interacted with again were very friendly!

I wish you all luck in applying for, "ILR". I know it is daunting--but the people wokring in these PEO offices REALLY are there to try and help you, methinks! As long as you are legitimate, bring all of the necessary documentation, are honest on your application and have no outstanding and unforgiveable criminal record--there is really little to fear! Best wishes to you all once more!
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Indefinite leave to remain success story ILR-0013 (Wp)

Hi, everyone, very tired but as well as released now after a long wait and worries. Now finally I got my ILR and just want to thanks all those contribute in this Forum which I find very helpful. I just keep checking here everyday to see how the things are going on until this morning. And some advices are very usefully as well. So now it is my turn to contribute.

My case is quite simple, 5 years WP with the same company. The only 2 problems with my case is 1). My salary is not the same as that was pointed in my WP until this year;2) I started to work before I got my FLR visa; For the first one, the case worker, who is a very nice lady, hasn't asked me for any P60 or whatsoever like what I really worried about before, so this is not a problem in my interview; For the second one, actually I got the chance to see the note by the downstair checker, and on the note, they mentioned the date my WP is approved, not my FLR visa, so it is ok you start to work right after your company got the WP approval and don't really need to wait for the FLR visa if you are in the UK already. But of course this is only my understanding for my case. At first I do worry I shouldn't start to work until I got my FLR visa, so I asked my company not stated the start date in my employer's letter, but the Case worker did ask me when I start to work, which I said the month I got my FLR, but now when think of it, I think it is ok for my employer to state the date on the letter and they do ask for it.

OK, now it is my experience in the Croydon PEO today. My appointment is at 3pm, but I got there before 2pm anyway. After the loose security check(Not like airport at all, the staffs are quite relaxed I think), then wait for the document check in downstair. There are 2 queues there, one is my one with reference No. only, another one is with reference letter, which are much quicker for the check than ours one. Waited for about 20m then I was asked to go to the counter, and the case worker asked for my application form, passport, life in the UK test, employer letter and pay slip, then that is. As that is around lunch time, she seems very relaxed and keep chatting with her colleague around and doesn't really focus on checking my application, I feel. But she is a nice lady actually, and we even have conversation about the hot weather. She told me I got 23 out of 24 in my Life in the UK test, and it took her about 20-25 minutes to check my information plus talking to her colleagues.Then she handed me my application materials with notes and wish me good luck with my application.There are 3 notes, 1 is with my info and appointment No., 1 is my current details and employer's name and the date my WP is approved,which I think she got from her computer system and one is the standard boxes needed to be clicked for WP to ILR. Then I went to the 1st floor to pay the £1020 by cash, and then a stupid thing happened. After taking my money, the staff told me to go to the 2nd floor for the interview, when it said my interview is at the first floor. I went to the 2nd floor, wait for quite a while, but never hear any No. like my appointment No.type, which is Axx. When it passed 3pm, I started to worry, so I run between 1st floor and 2nd floor and tried to find someone who knows what is going on. And then the door staff point me to the customer service at the 1st floor, and a very handsome guy told me, I should stay in the 1st floor but luckily I haven't missed my appointment, so I waited my No. to be called. It takes about 10 or 20minutes, then i was called to see a quite cute lady. She is quite nice and polite, asked me for my material, the same as the downstair case worker plus bankstatement and police registeration form, and that is. She told me she will check my application, and need to wait for the immigration check go through, and it will take about 1 and half hour, then I will get my passport stamped if everything ok. Then she asked me to sit down and started to check my materials. During the whole process, she only asked me 2 questions, first is because I gave her my ISA bank statement but she need the one with my salary goes in and return my ISA statement to me without reading. Then she look at the pay slip and tried to figure it out my monthly salary and can't find the April one at first, as it is too close with the May one, but at the end she is ok with it. Another question is the one I mentioned above, as my employer's letter hasn't mentioned the date I started, so she asked me when I start my job, and I think and told her should be the monthly my FLR granted. But actually, she doesn't seems bother but just want the date. And that is. For my adsence date, I list all the dates in an excel form and make it very nice and tidy and cover the original part on the form. As my total absence date is about 140, so she just quickly check my list and my passport for the Home Office stamps in it. And when she checked the stamp, she even didn't look at my absence list, just have a quick look, and that is, passed. So I recomment to do a perfect clear absence form and cover the original one if possible, this will save both parties' time. And then the lady seems finished and she told me as the immigration system check hasn't finished, so pls sit to the back and she will let me know when it goes through. Then she started a new case and I start to wait. It took about 45m for the check system go through, and about another 45-50m for my passport to get the stamp. Then around 6pm, my No. is called and I got my ILR stamp! Feel so tired but released. But anyway, it is done, and I recomment to go for the appoinment if your case is not complicated. It seems the HO is quite easy to pass at the moment, better to wait for the post with a long period time of worrying.

Ok, so this is my story today. Hope it will help and wish you guys good luck with your application. And thanks again for the forum and those who did help to answer my questions and gave me advice. Now I may need to start worry about the citizenship rule changes, but anyway, not today!
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