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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Indefinite leave to remain success story ILR-0012 (Wp + Hsmp)

Here come some tips from one of the successful applicant

'Last Friday 29 April my family and I were granted ILR at Croydon via the Premium Service. Here is my account of events if anyone is interested. I don't see the pinned SUCCESS STORIES topic that I believe used to be here, so I'll post a new topic. Overall I was quite happy with my experience at Croydon and I did not have any of the problems that others have relayed.

I am an American citizen and entered the UK in June 2004 on a sponsored work permit. I switched to HSMP in 2007 and changed jobs. I applied for ILR for myself, my wife, and my two children (both born here in the UK in the last few years) based on 5 years residency (minus 28 days). My HSMP is valid until October 2009 but I wanted to get this out of the way before the Home Office changes the rules again.

First, it took a couple of days of trying to get an appointment set. As many have reported, you must make the appointment for 6 weeks hence to the day. Once appointments are filled for a day you must call back the next day. I was only able to make my appointmet by starting to call as soon as the lines opened at 9:00 AM. I got the feeling that a family appointment was much more difficult to obtain than a single applicant. My wife and I already passed our Life in the UK test and we had all relevant backup financial information and we had no visa gaps or anything else that would cause concern. We were ready for any potential questions. Once I spoke to someone it was simple to obtain the appointment. It was for 9:00 AM in exactly 6 weeks in Croydon. I did not check other PEO locations.

I arrived at about 8:15 AM as I understood there to be long security lines. There were maybe 5 people ahead of me. It turned out that 4 of them did not have appointments so they were ushered elsewhere. I was asked for my reference number, but I did not have it. They asked if I received a text message, which I did. Nobody asked for any proof. They just waived me through to the metal detector and x-ray machine. Going through was just like any airport experience with the exception of keeping your shoes on. They insist that mobile phone remain turned off, so don't depend on your iPhone or BlackBerry as entertainment during your wait. They also would not let me take my (nearly empty) Starbucks cup of coffee in.

The next line was for the initial check. Again I was asked for a reference number but I couldn't produce it. Nobody seemed to care about that. I was put in the ILR line and I was the only one in it. I waited there about 5 minutes before being called to a window. Again, they asked for the reference number which I didn't have. I gave them all of my documents (see the list at the bottom for the documents they looked at). The clerk typed what seemed to be a huge amount of information in to his computer. He only acknowledged that I had documents and did not examine any of them. This took about 10 minutes. He was satisfied with my documents, so he stamped my application and passed me on to the payment window on the first floor.

There were a number of people in the payment line but it went quickly. I believe there were 4 or 5 clerks taking various payments. I paid by MasterCard via a normal chip-and-pin machine. The clerk gave me a number and said to wait in the area adjoining. I was sat and waiting for my number to be called for my actual appointment by 8:50 AM. There are a number of screens showing number to be called for various queues. For ILR Premium Service your number is called over loudspeaker. The numbers on the screen are irrelevant. I opened a book and was called to a window at about 9:10 AM.

Once at the window I passed through the following documents:
  • Application
  • All passports my family has held since being in the UK (they are validating entry visas)
  • P60s for my entire time in the UK
  • Last 3 months pay slips
  • Last 3 months current account statements (although the clerk looked at only the last months)
  • Letter from my employer stating that I am continuing to work there
  • Birth certificate for my daughter (she was born in the UK and had no visa as yet - needed to verify valid "entry")

I brought several other documents but no others were asked for. This included marriage certificate, previous work permits, council tax bills, etc.

The clerk photocopied a number of my documents and typed a lot of information in to her screen. This took approximately 30 minutes. There was a discrepency between their records of my initial entry and the actual stamp in my passport, but it was only one day. Once she found this she asked for my passports back so she could photocopy all of it. This whole process could have taken more like 15 minutes but the person I was working with seemed to be helping numerous other clerks near her. She also appeared to have a computer issue that delayed things by about 5 minutes while an IT guy worked on her machine. All in all it was painless. She returned everything except my application and my current passports for my family and said to come back in an hour and a half. I only needed the receipt with the number they called to re-enter the building.

I left and walked down to the nearby Croydon high street and browsed the two shopping malls there. Not a bad place to shop! I returned the same way I initially entered after about an hour. I had to go through security again, but was waived in to the waiting area immediately instead of going through the reception and payment queues. I was sat again about an hour and 15 minutes after I left. I waited for about 10 minutes when I was called to the Customer Service window. They asked me to verify that all names and dates were correct in the stamped passports. Once I checked this I left. The whole process was done between 8:15 and 11:15. I was delighted by their ability to keep good time!

My lessons learned (not that I'm going to do this again) are as follows:

-Write down and keep the reference number that you're given when you make your appointment (it just saves having to explain things)
-Take a book and not an electronic device for entertainment while you wait
-Try to get a 9:00 AM appointment and arrive as soon after 8:00 AM as possible so you can get all the admin bits out of the way'

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