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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Ilr Application Successful At Liverpool -Peo ILR-0014

Hi everyone,

Thanks for all the support and advice that helped steer my success of my ILR application. i finally received it on the same day after paying a hefty fee of £1200.00

i went in at reliance house on water street and the ladies gave me a number for my appointment then proceeded to the waiting lounge where everyone else was waiting for their numbers to be called on the public speaker and then mine was called and i proceeded to the reception where the lady asked me for life in the u.k test pass notification, 2 passports me and my wifes, set M application form and she just informed me that just incase i had inadequate evidences or letters that my application might take a few days 3 to 4 working days and i stated to her that i have enough documents which she said fine. she then noted some information on some check list and stted to me to proceed to the cashier where i made the payment in Cash and was issued with a receipt(yellow receipt)

i then waited for my number to be called by the immigration officers or the entry clearance officers and after 5 minutes my number was called on the speaker and me and my wife proceeded to the interview section where there is window between interviewer and interviewee. the ECO or Immigration officer was quiet helpful and she asked me for any joint letters or joint bank statements or any joint documents that we had to which we gave her. she then asked for both 2 passports and life in the u.k pass notification which we gave her, since me ane my wife claims child tax ctedit and working tax credit together she stated that it was fine and for the purposes of immigration rules its not considered as recourse to public funds. she didn't ask us for the paylips or anything like that as we had them too.

she then did some criminal background checks for me and my wife using our passports and she reconfirmed about the child tax credit and working tax credit with her colleague who stated to her that it was fine so long as my wife is the prinicpal claimant which she is and then she proceeded to inform me that she is glad to offer me an indefinate leave to remain in the united kingdom as a spouse of a british citizen and that my sticker vignette will take 1 hour to be processed and i should come for my passport after 1 hour and returned my wifes passport.

i then went away for a cup of coffee and returned after 1 hour and my number was called on the speaker and i was given my passport back with the residence permit sticker and i was asked to check if everythings ok spellings and all that and i was also issued with a letter from the immigration officer who processed my application and thats the whole processes from start to finish.

please feel free to ask me any queries if you may have, otherwise i am glad with the level of customer service provided at the Peo liverpool and i would recommend that one applies through a PEO office as i find the postage waiting times and processing times can be too lengthy for postal applications and it causes so much emotional stresses.
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