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Monday, 15 June 2009

General Tier 1 approved In Record Time (success story Tier1-0008)

This story is based on one of the applicant of Tier 1 (General)

'Hi Friends,

I am very happy to share the news that my Tier 1 (general) visa is approved by HO in less than 15 days. This really came as a big surprise as I was not expecting anyting before 4-5 weeks.

I thank all the people sharing their views, experiences and exaplainations on this forum. All this info helped me a lot in completing my application.

Some of my application details are as follows:

Date application was posted: 26/05/2009
Application received by HO: 27/05/2009
Fees debited: 28/05/2009
Ackd letter received: 30/05/2009
Documents received: 11/06/2009
Visa approved on 09/06/2009

I was holding IGS valid untill 28/05/2009. The points claimed and documents I provided are listed for information of new applicants.

Attributes section : 80 points
Qualification: PhD 50 points
Previous earnings: April 2008 - March 2009 period (20 points). I showed earnings only from one source.
Age: 5 points
UK experience: 5 points
English requirement : 10 points (degree taught in English: UK qualification)
Maintenance funds : 10 points

Documents submimtted:
1) Original degree certificate
2) Original pay-slips (12 months) + p60 for the tax year
3) Bank statements (12 months for earning) + latest 3 months for maintainance funds (I had only one current account having the required funds for me and my wife (dependent); I have maintained a minimum of £ 1350 in this account from 25/02/2009 to 26/05/2009). I got last months statement printed + stamped from HSBC just before posting the application.
4) Supporting documents: A letter from my present employer stating my emplyment start date and present gross annual salary.'

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