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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Indefinite leave to remain success story Tier1-0008 (HSMP + Tier 1)

This story is based on one of the applicant of Tier 1 (General)

Apply Method: Sheffield PEO Interview
Apply Date: 18th of May 2009
Previous Visa: 4 years HSMP + 1 year Tier 1


I went to Sheffield PEO on the 18th of May and the caseworker retained all our documents pending new guidlines to be published on the 20th May.

The lady cheked all our documents and handed over a letter to me with her name and email on the letter. She said that she will process the application when the new guidlines are published.

When the new guidlines were published on the 20th, i sent her an email and requested urgent processing of my application as i paid for premium service. She was kind enough and replied the next day and told me that my ILR has been successful and she posted my documents by special delivery the next day.

I suggest you contact the case worker if you got an email and request urgent processing of your application. I am still awaiting to receive my refund and letter of confirmation that i am entitled for nationality.

I was on HSMP for 4 years and then Tier 1. Have completed 5 years now.


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