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Thursday, 28 May 2009

Indefinite leave to remain success story ILR-0010 (Wp + Hsmp)

Here come some tips from one of the successful applicant

'I attended Croydon PEO yesterday and successfully got my ILR based on 5yr wp (caught up by the 4 +1 yr crap)

A few tips about Croydon PEO:

1. My appointment was for 10am but the doors were not open until 9.40am. The people ahead of me with 9am appointments were seen from 10.30ish and so everyone was 1.30 hrs behind schedule.

2. There was only one queue for people applying for premium service and those attending biometric appointments. The queue was so long into the streets by 9.30 and nobody from HO seemed to bother to let people know why they were not opening the doors.

3. Their pin and chip machines were not working for some cards, and they refused to accept people to sign the machine print outs...this may have been the cause of late opening, but am not sure ... (Tesco lets you sign if their pin and chip aren’t working). So either carry a cheque book with you or an extra CC or DC.

4. Everything at Croydon is just snail speed slow. Please try and book an early appointment if you can. The number of people inside the building at 4pm when they stopped admitting anyone else were as many as they were in the morning when they opened the doors..... lots of overtime for CWs.

5. A family ahead of me got their photos misplaced by the first IO at the reception who validates the application. This family were running like headless chicken looking for the photos when they were finally called on 1st floor for the interview. Their application was refused based on no photos yet not their fault. Again if you can, go with a pair of photographs in different pockets!'

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