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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Tier 1 (General) application refusal story Tier1-0002

This story is based on one of the applicant of Tier 1 (General)

'Hi all,i just received a refusal letter from the HO today, stating that i have been refused on the grounds of the bank statements i have submitted do not cover the full period that i claimed. I applied on march 14 2009 (in other to beat the new changes on April).

I supplied a 12 month payslips which records that i have earned 36,000 pounds (My salary is paid every 25th of the month) in the last twelve months, but my bank statement does not cover my last earning for February since my bank statements is sent on every 16th of the new month. i claimed 40 points for my earning and i got 35 points. Here is the statement for refusal :

" The bank statements you have submitted do not cover the full period which you are claiming for under previous earnings. Your bank statement for February 2009 only covers up to 16 February and does not show your salary being paid into your account. Therefore i am only able to corroborate 33,006.06 for previous earnings. you have been awarded 35 points in line with current guidance. "

My statements of account does not carry my gross income, but my pay slip carries my gross income from march 2008 to February 2009 which is 36,000 pounds.

I am told that i do not have the right to appeal. This is confusing. I need help fast, and i want people to direct me to the right direction.

Thanks all.

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