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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Indefinite leave to remain success story ILR-0004 (5 Years Work Permit)

This story is based on one of the applicant of Indefinite leave to remain (ILR)

Apply Method: Glasgow PEO Interview
Apply Date: 13th May 2009
Previous Visa: 5 Years Work Permit

Date of arrival in UK : May 2004
Number of absences : 94 days

'Thanks God, I got it.

Thank you very much for all the help and information. It was very useful.

I took an appointment for ILR at Glasgow PEO. Got an apoointment at 10:00 AM on 13/05/09. I was including my wife and child as dependents.

Since I live in Glasgow, so reached there at 09:00 AM. I went there without my wife and child as they said its not essential.

Not lots of people just 4-5, nice waiting room with water and vending machines for Coffee, snacks etc. Needed to wait to get my ticket till 09:30AM. Got the ticket number "004".

I took all 5 years documents with me. This is my fourth employer, so all salary slips, bank statements, P60, P45 forms, Work permit transfer papers. I also kept all wife's bank statements, utility bills etc just in case ;-)

Was called at 10:20AM at counter number 3, I have to say people are very polite there and treat you with respect. The gentleman at the couter asked my application form and passports. Then he asked for relevant documentation, I wanted to give only required just to avoid any confusions. So I gave him
- 3 months salary slip
- 3 months bank statements
- Pass letter for me and my wife
- Letter from the employer
- child's birth certificate
- He said marriage certificate is not required as my wife is already my dependent.
- I tried to gave him the separate absences sheet, he quickly looked at the form, there also I filled in my absences, he had a quick glance and asked me how many absences you have? I said 94 in 5 years and 42 at a stretch. He said its well below the limit of 180 days, so he doesnot need anything else.

Then he asked for previous original work permit letters. I didnot had all originals only 2 original and 2 xerox, he said its fine whatever I have. He was really friendly, I gave him all the papers for WP transfer and Leave to Remain approvals. He said he will do all the checks and then call me and the wait started.......

Just after 7-8 minutes my number was called at the same counter and for a moment I thought, it can't be that quick, what's wrong?

Went there, the guy smiled and said, I am happy with your application and you will be called for payment. I was bit surprised and saw a stamp "Valid" on the form, but couldn't see anything else. I kept turning the pages... and my number was called for payment just after 2 minutes.

Went there and paid by cash, gave them 1140/-, don't know how I counted in home, but she refunded me £20/-, came back and started looking at the form again to get some relief and then I found, it was on the last page, where you have final check. Handwriting says "All relevant documents seen. Home office records clear. Grant ILR".....

Yepeeee..... had some relief and after some time at 11:15 was called again at counter number 4, the lady saw all the documents again and started talking about the test and few other things, could not find my score as the result was still not in their system. She said we will get ILR today, she took a xerox of all the papers, hardly took 5 minutes and said I can burn all these WP now and smiled :-)

Asked me to wait and kept all passports and photos.

After 35 minutes 11:50, I was called at counter 5 and got all the passport with "Indefinite Leave to Remain - Settlement" back.

What a relief......... Now I can enjoy for some time and then will be back for naturalisation.....

Thanks you all for your support and wishes and all the best who are going to apply now. I have to say for WP / Tier 1, 2 - Go prepared, carry everything you have. The process and check is really very simple and straightforwrd if you meet all their criteria.


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  1. what things do you need to notice after got Indefinite Leave to Remain????????????????????


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