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Monday, 11 May 2009

Indefinite leave to remain success story ILR-0003 (10 Years Long Residency)

This story is based on one of the applicant of Indefinite leave to remain (ILR)

Apply Method: Croydon PEO Interview
Apply Date: 14th April 2009
Previous Visa: 3 student visas from 1999 till 2006, SEGS 2006-2007 & Work permit from 2007-2009

Date of arrival in UK : 1999
'hi all
I just wanted to share my successful experience as i just came back from croydon

I had no gaps in between and haven't been absent for more than 6 months in one go (my longest was three months and 10 days), the total number of months i was absent during the whole 10 years was 10 months and something ...

It was a very smooth process and not as difficult as I thought it would be, i had a suitcase full of all proofs and documents, didn't have to use any of them to my surprise ! All I was asked for was:
- the application form (SET(O)) which i filled clearly and included a separate sheet deatiling the dates of absences and the reasons
- My passport (I had two, an old one and a new one)
-My police regisration certificate
-My life in the UK test pass certificate

in other words only the documents mentioned on the application form nothing else

I am going to tell how it happened in detail simply because I found it so useful to read other people's experiences before i went, it helped to reassure me and calm me down..I hope this will be helpfull to others too
so this is how the day went

My appointment was for 10 am, I was told to be there 30 mns before that, I drove with my husband to croydon, joined a small queue in Lunar house entrance at 9:30, we were asked if we had an appointment, there were 2 lines one for visas and one for biometrics, so we joined the visas one and waited until we were let in, I was surprised as I wasn't even asked for my reference number, we then went through the security check just like the airport,the staff were very friendly. We then joined another queue we were asked by a lady if we had an application form and passports, she then asked what type of visa i was here for, I said long residency, she said yes but what is it student or workpermit (doesn't make sense !! it's long residency it could be both) ..I said long residency 10 years , she said yes they are all long residency ???!!! I then remembered a post i read somewhere about the same comment made to someone, so i calmed down and decided to let it go and said ..yes workpermit !! she obviously didn't have a clue ! and insisted she was right ...any way ...she then asked us to wait until a counter became available, 5 mns later we were called and asked to hand in the passports and documents, he then issued us with a ticket with a reference and asked us to go to the firts floor for payment. I used a credit card and paid the painful £1020, then was asked to wait in teh waiting area for my ref number to be called.
We got a bit confused with the calling system, we had a reference number starting with a letter (L39) the screen displays numbers and an automated voice calls the numbers loudly (for biometrics) , but none of them had a letter infront of it.
We the realised that there were two types of numbers, and those with letters infront of their numbers will be called by another person (the case worker himself), I must admit, it wasn't easy to hear the second voice with the other loud and ongoing calling for biometrics.(I have a headache from that noise!).
We finally got called an hour late (11 am instead of 10 am), the lady (very friendly) asked me for the passports etc..and said that it might take time because it's long residency and they have to check the absences and visas etc..she then started entering infos on the computer, 10 mns later she said, everything seems fine, we just need to check everything and process your application, you can either go and come back in 2 hours or wait, when you come back don't queue up just come straight to me. Fine we went to the shopping centre and had some food and relaxed ....came back, teh counter was closed, she then came and told me, your application was fine just wait by the customer service counter to get your passport ...waited for another 30 mins then got the call and the passport with the ILR stamp was 2pm !

a long day but worth the wait, my advice is to get organised, have everything ready and get your absence dates sorted and clearly written.
and do not stress, if you have no gaps in your visas and nothing is wrong with your application, there is really no reason to get stressed..
it's just a shame my husband couldn't apply with me (the 10 year settlement doesn't allow dependents), it would have been a very happy day for us..

good luck to anyone who is applying'

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