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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Indefinite leave to remain success story ILR-0009 (Wp + Hsmp)

This story is based on one of the applicant of Indefinite leave to remain (ILR)

Apply Method: Birmingham PEO Interview
Apply Date: 26th of March 2009
Previous Visa: 4 years work permit + 1 year HSMP


Thanks who supported in the forum and good news that i got my ilr in birmingham on march 26.

My details:
WP 4 years and 1 year hsmp

Compication in my case:
91 days continous break to india
My previous company name changed.

How i resolved this:
I got a letter from employer for the business trip and advantage that my wp was not expired on my break.

The case worker told me that the work permit documents shows current empoyer name and the letter i brought for business trip had new company name. However, luckily,
my company HR has mentioned former company name also.I pointed out to the case worker.Then he asked me to provide economic activity for my hsmp period. He asked me
specifically for last one year payslips. i said i have only bank statements for one year and he went through this.

The document he reviewed
current passport
he did not even see my work permit and hsmp documents and no p60.
life in uk test
current employer letter
business tirp letter from previous employer
last 12 months bank statement

I noticed that he discussed with senior case worker about my break (continous 91 days);then he finally said ' i put through the application and asked me to do the payment'

Please note that in birmingham, the payment is taken after the decision is made. Also, I brought my dependants and my kid and all were present before case worker.
Case worker told me that my wife and kid could go out and wait. So then my kid and my wife left the scene. i am not sure; but if you bring a letter from your spouse for stamping her ilr, then that is find and no need to bring in person.

I waited for 2 hours (i did not go out anywhere just sitting in the premises) to get my passport stamped and after only, i was confident and happy . And also, Please note that be there on your appoinment time in peo without any delay.


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