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Sunday, 17 May 2009

Indefinite leave to remain success story ILR-0006 (Work Permit - 5 Years)

This story is based on one of the applicant of Indefinite leave to remain (ILR)

Apply Method: Croydon PEO Interview
Apply Date: 14th of May 2009
Previous Visa: 5 years work permit

Date of arrival in UK : May/June 2004
Number of absences : 196 days

'Thank God, I got my ILR at Croydon PEO last week as 5yr Work Permit Holder with two dependants.

My experiences are as follows;
Appointment was for 1300hrs, arrived at 12.30pm and went through the airport style security checks and then had to wait 15minutes to be attended at the documents check desk.
He asked for my application and passports and then letter from my current employer, then he asked me whether I had my P45 as I had changed employer during the past 5yrs and I had forgotten to bring it and he then said I would need it as that was the only way they could determine if there was any gaps in my employment. I told him I did not bring it with me but I also had a letter form my previous employer stating the dates I worked for them. He requested to see that and was satisfied. He went through the remaining documents like LifeintheUK test sheets and bank statements.
Before handing me the sheets and directing me to the 1st floor to pay.
I got to the first floor at about 1300hrs. While wating for the next free cashier, my reference number was called so I went off to the relevant desk and the guy behind the screen asked if i had paid and i said l was waiting to pay when he called, so he said he would wait while i went and paid, so I went back and paid and got back to the booth at about 13.15hrs.

He requested my application form, passports. Took his time with the pasports and forms and the only relevant part of the interview came when he checked my absences from the uk as I had 196days in the last 5yrs all on annual leave. His comments were that Wow I travelled alot and i said yes, then he said that I was over the limit of 180days and he would have to check the dates and by discounting weekends the number of absences reduced to 150ish days. He said that was alright and would not have to refer my appilication upward for approval as you could get refused if you had even 2 days over the limit (His words not mine).

He ask for current employer letter, payslips and banks statments for the last three months, P45 (I gave him my previous employers letter) checked and then took all the documents and went off for around 5-10mins and came back and said congratulations my application for ILR had been granted and I should come back in an hour for the passports. The time was 13.50hrs. I came back at 14.50hrs but did not get the passports until 16.00hrs and found out they had spelt my dependant name wrongly so I had to wait again and only got the corrected passport ant 16.24hrs.

Apart from the waiting the worst part of the day was driving back to west london, stuck in traffic for over a hour and a half!!! But I am not complaining.!!!'

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