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Monday, 11 May 2009

Indefinite leave to remain success story ILR-0002 (Wp + Hsmp)

This story is based on one of the applicant of Indefinite leave to remain (ILR)

Apply Method: Glasgow PEO Interview
Apply Date: 1st of May 2009
Previous Visa: 2 years work permit + 3 years HSMP

Date of arrival in UK : May 2004
Number of absences : 185 days (120 days at a stretch on business)

I just wanted to share my experience at the GLASGOW PEO which was on the 1st of May.

My Appointment was at 2PM and i arrived at the PEO by 1PM, went through the airport style check and security kept my mobile phone with them to be collected while departing and gave me a token with a number on it (Took 5 mins).

Next they escorted me in to the waiting room, which is a quite a decent size room with coffe/soft drink/chocolate/chips machines.

It's not crowdy, i had seen some 10 people already waiting there.

My situtation is I came on WP in May 2004 and converted in to HSMP in 2006.
The only complication in my case was i was out of the country for a total of 185 days and out of which 120 days at a stretch on business (i.e more than stipulated 90 days for which i got a letter from the employer). And i prepared an excel sheet with all my absences.

I waited for my token number to be called and i was called at 2PM to see the case worker.

There were around 10 counters and i went to the respective counter which has a glass partition.

Case Worker just confirmed that i am applying for ILR and asked for the following documents.

- SET(O) Form
- Passport, 1 Passport size photo
- Life in the UK pass Certificate
- Letter from the employer
- Last 3 months Bank Statements & Salary Slips
- All the previous work permits + Hsmp documents

Case worker did not mention any thing about absence from UK but i voluntarily gave her the spreadsheet and the letter from the employer with the details of absences on business.

No more questions asked, the lady that said she will have to do few checkes and i was asked to wait in the waiting lounge.

I was called back again after 15 mins, and the lady said everythig is fine and handed over all the documents back with a VALID stamp on the 1st page of the SET(O) form.
The lady also said that i will be called for the payment and then i will have to see another case worker who would photocopy the same documents.

At that stage i was not sure whether they are granting me the ILR or not, i just turned the last page of the SET(O) form and i had seen the case worker signature with remarks ......'VALID,GRANT ILR'......... woooh ..hooo..........big relief.

I waited for another 10 minutes and my number was called for payment. I paid the amount £1020, got the receipt and came back to my seat.

After 10 minutes my number was called by another case worker, this time the same worker asked me to provide all the documents which were validated by the 1st Case Worker.

The lady photocopied all the supporting documents and returned the same except the SET(O) form and the passport, she said everything is fine and suggested me to wait for another 30 mins to collect the passport.

I got back to my seat and i was called after 25 mins to collect the passport...

I checked my passport there you go......... ILR STAMP ...with my latest photo on it .

Good Luck to you all and thanks for your valuable suggestions.


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