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Monday, 11 May 2009

Indefinite leave to remain success story ILR-0001 (Wp + Hsmp)

This story is based on one of the applicant of Indefinite leave to remain (ILR)

Apply Method: Sheffield PEO Interview
Apply Date: 8th April 2009
Previous Visa: 3.5 years work permit + 1.5 years HSMP

Date of arrival in UK : May 2004
Number of absences : 110 days
Total number of employers : 3 (All jobs full time)

'I got my ILR on 8th april in Sheffield PEO. I rang home office exactly 6 weeks before (on 25th Feb) for appointment. I called at 8:59 AM and managed to get through to the call center operator in the first attempt. Even then I could not get appointment in either Croydon or Birmingham PEO. I booked the appointment at Sheffield PEO at 11:15 AM for myself and two dependents.

As I had to travel from London, I reached Sheffield PEO at around 9:15 AM (2 hours early) with my wife and my son. There was no queue outside the PEO. After security went to the reception. The lady at the reception checked my appointment number against the list and issued me a ticket number. She told me that my number will be called for initial screening of the documents. As I reached the PEO quite early, I had to wait for 1 hour and 30 minutes for my number to be called. My number was called at around 10:45 AM. The lady at the counter was very polite and asked for Set(0) form, 1 photograph each for myself and dependants, Passports and the life in UK pass certificates. Along with these documents I also gave her a detailed covering letter and an excel sheet explaining all my absences. She then checked in her system and told us that she is happy with the application and asked to pay the fees at the payment counter. She kept with her the passports, photos, covering letter and the absences sheet. After paying the fees, was told that my ticket number will be called by the case worker for the detailed checking of the documents.

My number was called by the case worker at around 11:15 AM. After scanning the photos she asked for the following additional documents
SET(0) Form
3 Months Salary Slips
3 Months Bank Statements
HSMP approval letter
Current Employers reference letter
Child's Birth certificate

Even though I had taken all the documents with me, she did not ask for the P60 documents, previous work permits or previous employer reference letters. She took the photocopy of the child's birth certificate and then she returned all the documents. She then said that she is happy to give us ILR on the same day. She said the stamping of passports will take around 1 hour and we can either wait or can go out and come back to collect the passports.

We decided to wait and had to wait for less than an hour for the collection of passports. We got the passports at around 12:10 PM. We checked the passports for any spelling mistake, date of birth.

From my experience I can say that it is worth applying in person and I will definately recommend Sheffield PEO as all the staff there is very polite and it is definately less busy than other PEOs.'

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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for ur posting was useful... so they validated ur application & put a "VALID" seal before they asked u to pay ?
    do they ask for fee only after checking all documents ?
    Pls confirm... Thanks,

  2. what did you have in employers reference letter?

  3. In fact, this a success case is extracted from


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