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Saturday, 16 May 2009

Indefinite leave to remain refused story ILR-0005 (CRB mistake ruined his case)

This story is based on one of the applicant of Indefinite leave to remain (ILR)

Apply Method: Croydon PEO Interview
Apply Date: 25 Feb 2009
Previous Visa: Marriage Visa

Date of arrival in UK : 2007

'Hello all,

I wrote some words about my case story inside one of the topics, but i want to be specific here wishing to have some help or similar situation as mine.

I have applied in person 25/02/09 SET(M) in Croyden. My two years qualification period was about to finish at that time. The lady downstairs checked all papers and said all ok, went upstairs and paid as normal then my case number was called to one of the windows.

I had more than enough evidence that me and my wife been living together, gave them to the officer and he asked me to wait for 30-40 min until he finishes photo copying and checkings.

An hour later, he called me and said "In the application form we asked you to be honest and you wrote that you have not been in prison but this is not true as our checking shows that you have been in prison.

Off course, i got completely shocked of what he said which was ridiculous. I came to the country after getting a visa so the checking was done by the embassy. A year later, i started working for a very well known government company which would never give jobs without doing CRB checks, and since then i didn’t have more than one day absence off sick and 2 weeks booked holiday. So how and when would I be in prison.

I tried to explain that to the office as i told him i have been working for more than a year and he answered oh you work! then it will be ok, we just need to check what you saying is true and we will be in contact with you within 4 weeks ( it has been 9 weeks and 2 days). I asked him to check the middle name and he said everything is the same even date of birth is the same. He didn’t answer me when i asked about the period of time which I was in prison according to his database.

Did anyone at all have experienced anything similar, I need your opinion about this, could it be i have an offence by mistake ( CRB mistake). Or maybe ID theft. Or maybe it is just he didn’t want to give the ILR straightaway and he gave me an excuse for that.

By the way the only time i have TALKED to a police officer was more than a year ago when they stopped me as i was talking on the phone while driving and they were going to give me fine but they said we will have to send it to the court because i had an international driving licence at that time, and I didnt hear from them since then as they were suppose to send me a letter to attend the court.

Do you think that they have sent me a letter and i didn’t receive it and that is why my name gone to the HO or something, but i really don’t think so as the officer said that i have been in prison not just an offence. I think i am over thinking it.'

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