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Monday, 25 May 2009

Graduates 'should try leaving UK'

The government is urging graduates to consider a spell working abroad, whether in internships or volunteering, to avoid the worst of the recession.

The advice is backed by the National Union of Students and is being handed out on leaflets at universities over the next couple of weeks.

Recent figures suggest there will be a 5% drop in jobs for new graduates this summer, compared to last year.

But Universities Minister David Lammy said internships can lead to a UK job.

Mr Lammy told the BBC: "If you get an internship, you are with a company acquiring skills that are attractive on a CV - and indeed, the company that you do it with might take you on.

"Then beyond that, it's right to say that we live in a global market place, opportunities abroad can add to your skills and sometimes your language skills.

"And volunteering is always something that's attractive to employers."
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